Thank you for your interest! Beta Reader Signup

The final steps to publish Incrementum – Book One: Athens Village are:

  • Complete more revisions – M.M. Abbey
  • Complete yet another editing pass – M.M. Abbey + Editor
  • Submit draft to Beta Readers – M.M. Abbey
  • Beta Readers record any errors, thoughts etc… as they read the Beta Manuscript, send notes back to M.M. Abbey – YOU!
  • Incorporate feedback from Beta Readers – M.M. Abbey
  • Yet another editing pass – M.M. Abbey + Editor
  • Publish – M.M. Abbey

If you are interested in helping me with step 4 to make Incrementum – Book One: Athens Village as good as it can possibly be, please fill out the form below.

I am very thankful for your assistance in this process. I will have goodies for my Beta Readers, I promise! Definitely a mention in the acknowledgments section of the book and possibly a signed soft copy (not sure if I will print soft copies or not, but if I do, beta readers will get one.)

Cover art for Incrementum Book 1